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Japan on a Friday
Not getting a parking tikit in Tokyo
Singapore on a Friday
Riding with mutual funds guru Mark Mobius

The tikit On Trial
Getting folding bikes into buildings
More Gal in the Big Apple
| Near enough: Cape Cod on a Friday

Customer Evangelizing

TreeHugger: Round*Up Fast Fold Showdown

'Made on a Mac'

Biking Across Italy with Ciclismo Classico

Little People of America
TEXAS Land o' Lance
also Midwest

HAWAII Gal Bikes, Hikes, Telecommutes
trail-testing a Hennessey Hammock

Biking the World's Highest Paved Road
Get the DVD epic

MEXICO Ruta Maya and more'04 | Photos
lynette at Suttle Lake OREGON
Off the bike at Suttle Lake
lyn with family from trinidad cuba CUBA With family in Trinidad The Handsomest Man in Cuba Book | USA Book Tour 2004
Welcome to the multimedia adventures of The Galfromdownunder, author, handlebar videoblogger, card-carrying Customer Evangelist and Bike Friday adventurette
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Route 66 By Bicycle DVD:
Pedaling the Mother Road

16,000 Feet on a Friday: Biking the World's Highest Paved Road
Boston Bike Film Fest Award
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cuba book
The only time you will put it down is when you finish it - Australian Cyclist
One of the best on-the-road travel books of this generation - Launceston Examiner
Boston Bike Film Fest Audience Pick 2005 shot with a digi camera
Pass The Oxygen Please: 16,000 Feet on a Friday Highest Paved Road expedition with RAAM champ Lon Haldeman. Get the DVD
Galfromdownunder in Mexico Chronicles 19 big chapters on Chiapas + Yucatan - musings and lotsa photos


Lunching with Liggett - munchin' out with Phil Liggett, Bike Friday owner and Voice of the Tour de France
Shut the Gate, Mate BF Club Gathering downunder
A selection from the Bike Friday Community Page
A DECADE OF FRIDAYS BF retrospective 2000-2009
Bahamas Biking the mother of all beach destinations
Arizona Annual Tour of Historic Towns & Hotels
Cape Cod Review of's popular trip
Colorado | The full kneedown with Andy Pruitt
Georgia Hotlanta here we come!
Hawaii + My sliver of lava on the Big Island
New York Dodging taxis in the Big Apple
MidWest Chicago, Wisconsin with PACTOUR
Oregon with Cycle Oregon
San Francisco westcoasting on a Friday
Route66 by Bicycle Pedaling the Mother Road
Texas Land o' Lance!
Super Seniors When 'over the hill' means 'nice passing you, young man'.
Little Wheels Meet the Little People Changed my life | Catering for special needs
Cycle Oregon multimedia reports
This Man Gets on Lance's Back Chiropractor Jeff Spencer
My First Race and I just came to watch!
Petite Bike Fridays once more with hills
The faces behind the swinging door Inside the BF Factory
Round*Up Compact Bike fest, Philly

Hitting the States My first impressions
Soft Splashdown More of those pesky first impressions
Tandemania my first and best tandem experience
Alaska for Beginners where people are bold
Kids of B.I.K.E. Major Taylor would be proud
Costa Rica
The Way to San Jose doing battle with Tico traffic
Following A Jungle Boy Caribbean conundrums
Eating Dust in Guanacaste northern Costa Rica expedition
La Finca de los Payasos a former rebel comes full circle
Nicaragua for Beginners tough land, tough people
Isla Bocas del Toro a once-was paradise
Guatemala shots   words escape me, just pictures
The Handsomest Man in Cuba an escapade, now a book
USA 2004 book tour tales Small Wheel Press - that's me
Australia 2003 book tour tales Random House Australia/NZ
120+ Reader reviews "I can't put it down"
Cuba Photo Gallery the pics in the back of the book
Great Britain
End to End by Friday my maiden voyage in 1997
I think I'm turning 35 I really think so amazing hospitality in Edinburgh at my weakest hour
Fishermen and Flashers in County Kerry riding Eire
Doing the Dishes in County Kerry Part I   Are you being served?
Doing the Dishes in County Kerry II so-so chef  
Xmas in Denmark    a 3-day Last Supper with games
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Bio | Formal CV on request
Portfolio ads, design work, other Up there with the primo pulpiteers 2003
The Bike Friday Evangelist in her own words You mean she gets paid to do this? | Saatchi Lovemarks coup
My Business Magazine 'Big Mouth' April
Globe & Mail October 2005 interview
From Padlocked Diary to Powell's Pick The Wilammette Writers Conference 2005 (Register-Guard)

From Cubicle to Cuba interview
New York Times Sunday Book Review of The Handsomest Man in Cuba
Interviewed by Dumbo Feather Australia
Only a Game, Boston NPR Boston Bike Film Fest Audience Award Rugged Individualist Video Interview with Jim Clash
More Gal interviews on YouTube
Good Morning Australia w/ Bert Newton (8 Mb clip)
Eugene Register Guard Been There column Interview with Norm Goldman

Useful tips and techniques for the modern adventurette ...

GAL GEAR Stuff for staying on top of it all
United First Class The other side of the pleated curtain
How to Hang a Hammock without getting knotted
Poledancing 101 perfect upper body workout for cyclists
Using a digi camera to make darn good movies you don't need a fancy rig
Which bike? This stuff works for me
How to be an Ad pro in your own pee break
Why Wal*Mart exists I came, I bought, I apologized
Floor pumps my foot Can't believe they make this pssshhhhit ... More ...
Galfromdownunder UNCUT blog for foul weather friends
Mirror mirror The narcissistic corner
Sad travel songs

Bahamas on a Friday | Japan on a Friday | Singapore on a Friday | Capecod on a Friday
Bike Across Italy Ten days of andiamo!
Route66 by Bicycle 29 days coast to Chicago
16,000 Feet on a Friday World's Highest Paved Road
Cycle Oregon Weekend '05 136 miles in style
Gal's prize-winning shot of the NY 5-boro '05
I always wanted to be a Jawa! a Star Wars costume
MOMA my faves from the P volume of World Book
Tandeming Pooches 'n' Patriots NWTR '03 | Story
Failed hippie me and my geetar | sad songs they rhyme
A typical day on the road with Bike Friday
Fire Island fling A kick-back isle close to Manhatten
Art-house mayhem art can be found in any corner
Mexico by Friday Chiapas + Yucatan
Random House Book Tour 2003 Me Grisham for 15 mins!

lyn-with-camera GAL MOVIES
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